Professor Heeger’s research focuses on understanding the nature and properties of neutrinos including the precision study of neutrino oscillations, the measurement of neutrino mass, and probing if neutrinos are tehir antiparticles. His thesis work was on the first model-independent measurement of the 8B solar neutrino flux with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) that led to the resolution of the solar neutrino problem. Heeger was involved in the first observation of reactor antineutrino oscillation with KamLAND and discovered non-zero theta13 with Daya Bay. Heeger is now searching for neutrinoless double beta decay and studying the nature of neutrinos with CUORE and CUPID, performing R&D with Project 8 towards a novel experiment to measure neutrino mass, probing the existence of sterile neutrinos with PROSPECT, preparing for a precision measurement of neutrino oscillations with DUNE.

Current Research

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Special Projects

  • Yale Wright Laboratory: Transformation of the Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory into a new laboratory for nuclear, particle, and astrophysics. Please check out our videos and website
  • Advanced Instrumentation Development Center (AIDC) at Yale
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering Building (PSEB) at Yale