Prof. Heeger’s group is carrying out cutting-edge experiments studying the properties of neutrinos, searching for rare event processes, and exploring the invisible Universe. The aim of these experiments is to solve some of the greatest mysteries of the Universe:
What does the invisible Universe consist of?
Why does the Universe have more matter than anti-matter?
What are the properties of neutrinos? 
The lab is led by Prof. Heeger in the Department of Physics located at the Yale Wright Laboratory.

News & Highlights

April 10, 2018
Deep below a mountain in Italy, in the coldest cubic meter of the known universe, scientists are hunting for evidence that ghostly particles called neutrinos act as their own...
July 28, 2017
“The general sentiment is that there is a need for new experiments,” Anna Hayes, first author on a new analysis posted on the arXiv preprint server from Los Alamos National...
June 20, 2017
The Daya Bay Collaboration reports that sterile neutrinos probably aren’t behind a puzzling deficit in detected antineutrinos at nuclear reactors.